20 August 2005

`Jog Falls`

Some shots off my camera taken near in and around Jog falls [25Km off Sagar[Shimoga]].

Clockwise-`Raja`, `Roarer`, `Rocket` and `Rani`
`Misty Raja and Roarer`

`Linganamakki` Dam.

Billigiri Ranganath Hills

Five guys on five bikes set out on the 6th of August 2005 towards BR Hills near Mysore.
Billigiri Ranganth temple is situated ..........[follow the links below :-P] http://www.karnatakatourism.com/hill/brhills/index.htm

Ashwin alias:apc/acp/`kal mari` from NES Technologies. Harshad Ex Wiproite, Vikram Ex Microsoft employee, Rampratap friend of `Shwetha Reddy` from HP and me too from HP. Apc and Harshad rode a Bajaj Pulsar each, Vikram Bajaj Avenger, Ram Yahama RX 100 and me TVS Victor.

`Up Shakuna`[bad omen]:
We agreed to meet up by 6:30 am on the 6th of August at my place in Jayanagar 7th block. Our friend had trouble getting up early and so it didn't happen. To make up for it another friend tried too hard and disaster struck! Even before the actual biking began our friend apc got hit from behind for taking a sharp turn and ended up with
minor bruises.

By the time we started off it was 9am. Our first destination was Kanakapura 60 km away. Reaching there by 10:30 we had breakfast at some local restaurant. The stretch between `Target Pura` and `Kanakapura` was pretty good and could maintain speeds over 60. Our next destination was Shivasamudram which is 5km deviation off NH 209.

Due to heavy rains over the past week and flood gates being wide open at Krishna Raja Sagar Dam Mysore, the water fall was at its best. It was a bit too risky to get too close to the water. We spent about 2 hrs and left to Kollegala.

`Kollegala` is well as `DRV'[Dodd Rowdy Veerappan] frequented in 'n' around Kollegala. Kollegala is about 85 km away from Kanakapura and 25km from Shivasamudram. We had lunch at Kollegala. The roads get bad here onwards, we took a 30km diversion which lead us to BR Hills.

The roads are stone laid and un-tarred on many occasions. This is when you realize the pain in your ass. Our friend apc struck again, this time he was testing his front disk brakes and ended up with a deep wound on his elbow and more bruises to his already hurt leg. He was in good spirits and the ride continued. On our way up we saw a peacock and a couple of wild boars.

We reached the peak before dark, by the time we found ourselves with a room and settled it was 7:30pm. The climate out there was cold, foggy, drizzling and windy. We visited the temple and had road side dosas for dinner.

Next morning we out for a 3km walk and after breakfast we realised apc was not quite comfortable with his injuries. We decided to head back home before dark and planned accordingly. Unfortunately another disaster struck again this time it was Harshad's Pulsar, with a flat tyre. Ram and myself unknowingly took Mysore Road, braked at Càfe coffee day and began following an ambassador with 4 pretty chicks whom we caught up at Càfe Coffee day. After we ran out of patience we raced ahead to reach home by 7:30pm.

1. Avoid Bajaj Pulsars.
2. Go singles, avoid doubles spare the life of the pillion rider
3. Smaller the group better co-ordination and less confusion.

Final bit:
1. Incidents are worth happening, memories last forever.
2. Wear a helmet & leather to prevent injuries in case of mishaps
3. Always keep an eye on the guy behind you in the rear-view mirror
4. Stretch your arms and legs at every stop to reduce the strain

Route Summary:
Bangalore to Biligiri : 180km
Bangalore to Kanakapura : 60km [good road minimal potholes]
Kanakapura to Kollegala : 85km [good road, small patches are being re-laid]
Kollegala to BR Hills : 30km [1st 15kms narrow rustic roads, most stretches un-tarred]

03 August 2005

Fwd: How About Your Boss?

Scientists at the Rocket launching station in Thumba were in the habit of working for nearly 12 to 18 hours a day. There were about seventy such scientists working on a project. All the scientists were really frustrated due to the pressure of work and the demands of their boss but everyone was loyal to him and did not think of quitting the job.

One day, one scientist came to his boss and told him - Sir, I have promised to my children that I will take them to the exhibition going on in our township. So I want to leave the office at 5 30 pm.

His boss replied - O K,, You are permitted to leave the office early today.

The Scientist started working. He continued his work after lunch. As usual he got involved to such an extent that he looked at his watch when he felt he was close to completion.The time was 8.30 p.m.

Suddenly he remembered of the promise he had given to his children. He looked for his boss,,He was not there. Having told him in the morning itself, he closed everything and left for home.

Deep within himself, he was feeling guilty for having disappointed his children.

He reached home. Children were not there.His wife alone was sitting in the hall and reading magazines. The situation was explosive, any talk would boomerang on him.

His wife asked him - Would you like to have coffee or shall I straight away serve dinner if you are hungry.

The man replied - If you would like to have coffee, I too will have but what about Children???

Wife replied- You don't know - Your manager came at 5 15 p.m and has taken the children to the exhibition.

What had really happened was the boss who granted him permission was observing him working seriously at 5.00 p.m.He thought to himself, this person will not leave the work, but if he has promised his children they should enjoy the visit to exhibition. So he took the lead in taking them to exhibition

The boss does not have to do it every time. But once it is done, loyalty is established.

That is why all the scientists at Thumba continued to work under their boss even though the stress was tremendous.

By the way, can you hazard a guess as to who the boss was?

He was A P J Abdul Kalam.

02 August 2005

Crushes `n` Crashes

This article was found on one of the blogs of a software engineer.... jst read it... itz real fun... and maybe it mite remind many ppl of their lives...

Everyone in their lives would have had crushes, and me too had my share of crushes. But, it didn't take much time for each of them to turn to crashes. None of my crushes took off, or probably they crashed even before they took off !! Today, when I look back, I cant manage but to have a laugh.

My first crush was on Miss R. I was in my tenth then. We happened to speak only once. It was when I had offered her a coke. She refused to have it and the very next moment I gulped it down. I still cant forget the dumbstruck look on her face. A few days later, she started going around with one of my classmates. They used to go for wonderful evening walks, Miss R, my classmate and her doggy. Unfortunately(fortunately for me), the affair didn't last too long. On one such romantic walk of theirs, my classmate was bitten by the doggy. He brought up the question : Its me or the dog......she chose the dog !!! The news gave me sadistic pleasure.

I was in a co-ed school for my 11th-12th. I got very friendly with Miss N in my class. It appeared to me that...yes...she is the girl. One day, Miss N came and sat next to me...close...really close.....my heart beats shot up. She said.....I want to tell you something....but please maintain it as a secret. I knew...this was it...yes....she went on...you know...X(another classmate of mine) proposed me......and I too like him...and I accepted. I am telling you coz you are like my brother.......WHAT THE HECK ? As if the first news wasn't bad enough, the second sounded suicidal. I looked at her with an artificial smile and said....Congrats S..S..Sis !!!

The next crush didn't take much time to happen. It was Miss S who walked in to class. I literally had my jaws hanging seeing her. We became good friends...but I never fancied my chances...given the Miss N experience. She was my Biology project partner....while she did the project...I concentrated on her biology ! Just as the boards got over, and as I was mustering enough courage to tell her, her dad got transferred. She changed the city.

Next in engineering college, there was this hottie in my class. Boy....she was a babe...Miss G. She used to stand opposite to me in the chemistry lab. I prayed for some chemistry to happen between us. But I guess, she was much smarter than I was. Miss G realised that I used to mess up all my titration experiments coz I used to be looking at her and not the lab apparatus. I called her out ALONE on my b'day. She turned up with her whole bunch of friends. The girls kept giggling and I looked for a place where I could go and bang my head.I steered clear of her for the rest of my engineering days.

Moving on from here, it was a major success story. This time round, it took some time for things to crash....just a little longer..a bit more than five years. Everything seemed like a fairy tale when the crash factor took the better of me.

By this time, I was in my job and I decided to use the term "interest" instead of crush. So , my interest grew in Miss L in office. I thought she was a very pretty lady. Thankfully, the growth of my interest stopped very soon, the moment I learnt that she was supposed to go on leave the next week for her marriage. She was to marry her long time boyfriend. Only one thought came to my mind....The good ones are always taken !!!

Ha ha ha.....thankfully.....I have grown out of all these......no more CRUSHES.....so no chances of CRASHES......I live this way now.....hey...wait.....who is this girl ???? ;-)