19 November 2005


On the 17th of November 2005, 8:50 pm i had to make a choice.I had two options ... One was to walk up to a partial strangersay hi, shake hands, fire up a general conversation and bid good bye. The other was simple, just say no and leave home decently.

Being challenged i decided to go with option one!As in all cases it was not the wisest of decisions to make espeially at that odd time.In a hurry i picked up my jacket, my accomplice took the troubleto keep the lift waiting for me for about 45 seconds!

I took my own sweet time and barge into the lift... My mood was pleasantand i just could not wait to meet a partial stranger who sounded sweet over the phone, bland in messaging and pretty looks from say 10 meters [I had seen her on an earlier ocassion]My fingers were numb and toes numb, well it was the over worked ACs...[trust me it was not the excitement]

Well the lift touched down and the company headed straight to the rendezvous.Things are about to change in just a couple of minutes. The introducer introduced the partial stranger to the visitors [me and another male accomplice].

The actual Conversation:

: "Hi 'Roopa', this is 'Ratan', and he is 'Ram'".

Ratan & Ram : "Hi Roopa".[patiently one after another]

Roopa: "Hi Ratan and Ram". [in a low neutral tone].

Ratan: "Well it was me a couple of minute back who tried to prank and scare you over the phone"

Roopa: "I know, Well there were just 2 of us in office".

Ratan- ???? {not knowing what's going on, decided to change topic - Her sentence was incomplete `#$%&^(^&}

Ratan: "Looks like your bindi has fallen(pointing at my forehead), well i generally question any girl if the bindi is missing off the forehead !!" (with a casual smile)

Roopa: {just a gentle smile.........}

Ram- Is starring at her in utter silence... not a word spoken.

Ratan: "Well, i heard you been working......#$%^#$%^&$%!!!"

Roopa: "Err.. Auto ..., Auto !!" [turned her neck by 90 degrees and called out an auto]

Ratan: "..... late offlate" [still completing my previous sentence all the while]
It felt like i am talking to thin air, there was no one in the direction i was venting out..!

Roopa & Swapna: "Bye ! 'Ratan' & 'Ram'............" [in chorus]

Ratan: ".... Errr, bye!!!" [perplexed look with eyes wide open & mouth agape]

Ram: "Bye 'Roopa' and 'Swapna'!!!" [In a loud upbeat]

It was all over in a minute and half all that was left were 2 lost men in the centre of cunningham Road pathway!

In a couple of seconds they were gone. Ram and me walked down the pathway discussing all the irrelevant stuff followed by a thorough retrospective analysis of what went wrong.The report was alarming - Initially we thought she did not offer her hand so that we could shake it, very soon we realised my self esteem was the worst hit... she was deaf over my words all she was interested was to get out of there, Ram too felt the insult partially. But we could still laugh over it at that point in time.

Very soon the situation was like the one in the Movie: "Euro Trip"; the scene isScotty geting dumped by Fiona and the same is being taped by Scotty's parents.
Maaan this was one of the worst insults in the history of me.It sounds hilarious for the readers, i too would laugh after all if were not at the receiving end.

Damage Report:

Self Esteem - 50% I feel the humilation was not intended
Morale Damage - 90% I would not attempt meeting another gal
Haunting effect - 20% The echo effect will haunt for the rest of my life
Sleepless nights - 2 Nights, highly social attitude helped reduce impact
Channel effect - 100% The channel used was upset more than me... [Tears almost rolled over] [7 page sentimental `sorry mail` received, it made me feel better though]Accomplice - 2% The guy felt almost nothing, he is an experienced failed candidate.

PS: Names changed for obvious reasons.
No contents of this blog should be transmitted either in electronic/physical form.
The stroy is true to the best of my knowledge.



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