14 May 2006

660 Summer Biking

4 bikes and 4 guys were to set off to Gopalswami Betta and Ooty on a 3 day biking expedition.The four of us in ascending order Ashutosh[Oracle],Ganesh[SG S/w], Rahul[Oracle] and Rohit[Symphony] each from different corner of Bangalore decided to meet up at Banashankri Temple at 9am.

Shani kaata:
As expected that never happened by the time we started it was 12 Noon!!! My bike gave some gear shifting problems that ate up about 2 hrs and the others also contributed their bit!By now sun was right overhead and we had no options but to keep going.

Lunch stop:
We break for lunch 68kms away from Bangalore soon after Channapatna behind Càfe Coffee Day...Not sure what the name was....$%#^&? Food was fine not many complaints... expect that onions in most of the dishes they servered.

Gopalswami Betta:

Gopalswami betta is about 200 kms from Bangalore, the nearest village is Gundlupet. The entry into this Bandipur forest reserve is strictly between 9am and 5pm only.The forest guards strictly do not allow visitors beyond that, entry fee is Rs 20 per bike. By the time we made it to the place it was 7pm. We had to convince the tempele priest to let us through who was returning home.
That night was not very intersting, we heated our ready to eat stuff and tried out some photographic tricks. One thing that freaked us was a Wild elephant wandering around our guest house. The guest house was not well protected, it was very old, infested with a lot of cockroaches, no lighting and f***ing scary.

Forest Trek:
We later realised that there were close to 3000 elephants in the forest, our next day trek into the wild was frutiful, we got to see 5 herds of elephants, a lot of deers and sambars.It was pretty exciting to spot so many wild animals with great ease. We had just trekked about 2kms into the forest and we saw quite a lot.

The temple was overcrowded 'casue some kid was having his `upanayanam`[thread-ceremony]. The kid had a freaking relative a nasty `chakka` who never minded his own business. The creature was short, plump, dark and bore womanly traits and an accent too.We avoided much conversation and left the place very soon and head towards Hamsa Theertha.

Hamsa Theertha:
This is a km down hill from the temple. Its believed that couple who have f***ing problems ... lol :P (unable to conceive) taking a holy dip in this water can conceive.We spent some time here taking some snaps and left to Ooty as it was already close to noon.
I plan to camp here for the night here the next time we make it to Gopalaswami betta [Because im crazy].

Porno Shooting:
Ashutosh wanted a photo close-up of some elephant herd (... dunno for what) on the way down the Goplaswami betta. The pachiderm did not co-operate, the entire herd decided to F*** him for life. Bugger got back in

The ride up was pretty cool. The hair pin bends and winding roads were the best part of Kalhatti Ghats!We stopped a couple of times for photos and on one ocassion a pretty babe passed by with a bhruka on turned back and waved wildly at us...The babe was hot we were quick to respond.. we waved back madly.... :)

There was a porn movie been screen out there... it was f***ing exciting!! It was XXX rated stuff being screen.. the heroines were f***ing awesome.. :P:PWe were late by 1/2 an hr. and had 20 minutes of entertainment before cops raided the place.. :O:O, we were f***ing lucky not to get caught. :P :P:P

Curses and Shit:
Ooty was overcrowded and no fun at all. Ooty has been over exploited. A night's stay at any junk place in Thousands. We ended up paying 500 bucks for a night's stay in a room without cots and water in toilets.Both Rahul and Ashutosh shared a room, both heavily competing for the loudest snoor. Ganesh and myself were the only judges, the room seemed to have great acoustics to their snoors. The room literally resonated to each snoor.In the morning it was pretty cold, we burnt up all the newspaper and trash we found in and around to keep us warm. Later one of our guys shat shit load of shit and realised the water problems. The others decided to postpone the shitting episode.

Toy Train and Dodda betta were the only places we visited. The Toy Train connecting the next station Conoor is the best part with good valley veiw and tunnels.Doddabetta is supposed to be the tallest peak in South India, but the place was overcrowded and people at every gate are expected to pay up to pass through.. my say is its not worth what you are paying for...The place has a Telescope-> to get to here u got to shell out cash at 3 places!

Journey Back:
We were pretty unfortunate and over ambitious on our way back. The R's(Rahul & Rohit) terribly messed up taking a longer route via Gudalur[18+51 kms] back to TN Check Post. Where as Kalhatti Ghat works out to just 37kms of excellent roads.The ride was bumpy and dangerous... "Both cheated Death on a couple of ocassions!" Almost all the curves had a lot of potholes.
We maintained a pretty good average speed at over 40kmThe stretch was about 40km in total nothing but potholes all the way through. Our asses and balls got the best possible certification possible, they still work like never before!We did get the best scenery atleast after all that.

Last hope:
We had to cut short all our breaks to catch up with the other SOB's, whom we knew by now were well ahead of us. We stopped by Nanjanguud for a Lunch Break. Our next stop was Càfe Coffee Day on Mysore Road.On reaching Coffee day we realised the other two [Ganesh and Ahutosh] were just a kilometer away. We finally met up and split there we raced ahead as Rahul the busy man had other appointments the following day ;).

Home Sweet Home:
I reached home at 10:15 pm safely. We had totally travelling 660 kms in 3 days. This was one of the most expensive trip ever so far, total expenditure was about 2,500/- which includes the excess 4 litre Petrol in my Tank.Dinner and a peaceful sleep was the only thing left after reaching home in 1 piece.

1. ooty sucks dont ever bike there2. mileage was about 50kmpl [TVS-Victor - dip in mileage due to overspeeding]
3. go single spare the life of the pillion rider
4. wild elephants dont like u getting close to 'em maintain your distance
5. Petrol is cheaper in Ooty, fill your tanks there.[a lot cheaper - u save 4 bucks on every litre]
6. Watch porn in other states its a different experience
7. Mysore road feels great to speed, but watch out for those lane shifting
8. Drive safe


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i poped here from anjan's orkut...and then to ur orkut profile..and from there to here
a good travelog....
me envies u....grrr

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Amazing Shots and a Nice travel log!

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